Property portfolio

Sales & portfolio packaging

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Looking to dispose or acquire a portfolio of buy to let properties?

We can advise you on every stage of the process, or do the whole job for you, offering over 25 years experience.

Acquisitions - we can:

Find the properties that best suit your requirements - on the open market or through our established network of industry/private contacts nationwide
Give comprehensive advice on value and return on investment
Purchase properties on your behalf - or put you in touch with the sellers
Advise you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transaction
Offer the best sources of finance and legal advice
Provide extra hand-holding service for first time investors
Take properties into full management immediately after the purchase

Disposals - we will:

Act strictly within the pre-agreed SLA mandate if required
Arrange for valuations to be provided by experienced RICS surveyors
Advise on the best way to sell, e.g. on vacant possession, as an investment or as part of a wide portfolio
Handle the disposal process from the valuation to completion